Welcome to Empathy

Empathy The Label is a sustainable lifestyle brand fueled by emotional intelligence and human connection. We are a community of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of empathy. We offer intentional pieces for individuals who care about their impact on the world. Our specialty is repurposing vintage items to breathe new life into retro silhouettes, while reducing our environmental footprint. Through events and collaborations, we foster connections that transcend fashion and touch the soul.

Founded in 2021 by two best friends, Empathy was divinely orchestrated to create more depth and awareness in the fashion industry. We believe that style should reflect your unique personality, and we are dedicated to helping you express yourself authentically. Our mission is to empower individuals through ethical fashion and to foster empathy, compassion, and connection in the world.


We believe in the power of giving back. A percentage of each purchase goes towards the HeartMath Institute. The mission of the HeartMath Institute is to help people bring their physical, mental and emotional systems into balanced alignment with their heart’s intuitive guidance. The institute is committed to helping awaken the heart of humanity.                       https://www.heartmath.org

"Reflect light. Mirror love." – This evocative slogan encapsulates the essence of a disco ball and its profound connection to the human experience. Just as a disco ball reflects light in a myriad of dazzling patterns, it also serves as a metaphor for the way we can reflect positivity and compassion, ultimately mirroring love in our interactions with others.